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Motion activated,  light up Cat ball

A couple of years ago, I was watching one of the popular ghost hunting shows and saw them use a cat toy (a clear ball),
 that when rolled or otherwise touched, would light up with multicolored lights.
I ordered one on Amazon and brought it with me to a ghost investigation. I was utterly stunned but exited as well, to see it light up
after I asked any spirits that were with us, to either roll the ball or just simply touch it.
No one was near the ball and I had asked everyone not to move, fearing that it could cause enough vibration as to activate the very sensitive ball.
I then thought to myself, that it would not take much to accidentally trigger the ball, especially if it were sitting on a flat surface.
So, I made a small 2" x 2" plate from a sheet of clear acrylic, with a concave hole drilled into the center.
**Also trying placing Cat Ball on an inverted plastic soda bottle cap**
I then placed the ball in the concave hole, to be certain that it could not move on its own, and placed it on a table top.
I demonstrated
to the spirits that by simply giving the ball a gentle tap, it would illuminate the lights inside it.
Eventually the ball did light up on command. Now it does not always work at every location.
When it does, I believe it is in fact a spirit touching it or otherwise transferring its energy to the ball.

This page contains my video evidence of an unseen force activating the cat toy on numerous occasions,
either on command or while activating other detection devices as well.

Rolling Hills Asylum in Roy's room, 9/2020 (.mp4)

Spirit of George lights up cat toy (.mp4)

Wilson Castle Cat Ball and Flashlight session (.mp4)

Ashbel Woodward Basement Flashlight and Cat Ball session (.mp4)
Ashbel Woodward Attic, Cat ball session and plaster pieces being thrown (.mp4)
Corner Inn and Restaurant, Cat Ball activated in 2nd floor dining room (.mp4)