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Flashlight Video Sessions

I use the Mini Mag type flashlights, that turn on and off by twisting the barrel
while holding the bulb end. It is necessary to prepare the flashlight for use with a spirit.
It is necessary to make the gap between the top of the battery and the base contact on the bulb, as small as possible.
To accomplish this, twist the barrel until the flashlight turns on. Then very slowly, twist the barrel until the bulb just barely turns off.
It may take several attempts, to make the bulb just barely remain off. Carefully place the flashlight down on a table, or shelf or floor, etc.
I don't ask the spirits to twist the barrel, but simply ask them to touch the flashlight or tap on it.
It is believed that the energy that spirits emit, fills in the tiny gap between the bulb and battery, completing the circuit

City Steam Flashlight Session in Basement (.mp4)

East Kingston Farm Flashlight Session on Swing (.mp4)
East Kingston Farm 2nd flashlight session (.mp4)
East Kingston Farm flashlight and Melmeter session in barn (.mp4)

Wilson Castle Cat Ball and Flashlight session

My first time seeing flashlight responce in person, at Tapply-Thompson Community Center (.mp4)

Ashbel Woodward Basement Flashlight and Cat Ball session (.mp4)

2nd flashlight session in Manchester home (.mp4)

Maplehurst Dowsing Rods and Flashlight session (.mp4)

Isaac Morse house basement crawlspace flashlight session (.mp4)

Mt. Washington Hotel room Flashlight session (.mp4)

Oliver House Flashlight session (.mp4)
Oliver House red and blue flashlights session (.mp4)