Private Videos{

Dowsing Rod Flashlight session at M.I. (.mp4)

Fell asleep driving returning from ghost hunt (.mp4)

Kitchen and Basement ghost hunt undisclosed location (.mp4)

Gore Farm barn session with KII, and Melmeter (.mp4)

Parson Barnard Attic, Tim tells dirty joke that skeleton likes (.mp4)

Seance with Celeste and James (.mp4)

Silver Fountain Inn Video 1 (.mp4) Video 2 (.mp4) Video 3 (.mp4)

City Steam at Brown Thompson, Comedy Club Basement 360 Parascope Session 1 (.mp4), Flashlight sessin in basement comedy club (.mp4)
City Steam Comedy Club 12/15/19 (.mp4)

Bradley Theater Parascope 360 session near dressing rooms (.mp4)

Fell asleep driving after a ghost hunt. (.mp4)