Seeking Out Specters - Paranormal of Connecticut

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Our equipment includes:

Baby Monitor (to listen for knocking, footsteps etc., remotely)

Blacklight (UV) Flashlights

Digital, Cassette, and Microcassette Voice Recorders (one with 'Live listening')

Digital Infrared High Definition Night Vision Camcorders

Digital Infrared/Full Spectrum HD Night Vision Camcorders

Dowsing Rods

DVR with 4 Night Vision 900 TVL Bullet Cameras

FLIR - iPhone 5

Geophone iPhone (4) App to detect tapping or vibration on a hard surface

(2) GhostPro Infrared HD video cameras

(3) Hi-8 Night Vision Camcorders

(Auxillery) IR lighting/stands (12 VDC or 115 VAC)

(2) KII Meter

Laser Grid Light


Motion Detectors (using light or sound indicators)

(2) Night Vision CCD Camera/HD Monitor

Parabolic Microphone

ParaScope * Has not worked even once for me, yet I have witnessed someone elses work.



SB7 Spirit Box

Trifield Meter