Seeking Out Specters - Paranormal of Connecticut

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My equipment includes:

Baby Monitor (to listen for knocking, footsteps etc., remotely)

Digital, Cassette, and Microcassette Voice Recorders (one with 'Live listening')

Digital Infrared High Definition Night Vision Camcorders

Digital Infrared/Full Spectrum HD Night Vision Camcorders

Dowsing Rods

DVR with 4 Night Vision 900 TVL Bullet Cameras

1 Flashlight (Infrared), 2 Flashlights (UV)

FLIR - iPhone 5

Geophone iPhone (4) App to detect tapping or vibration on a hard surface

(2) GhostPro Infrared HD video cameras

(3) Hi-8 Night Vision Camcorders

(Auxillery) IR lighting/stands (12 VDC or 115 VAC)

(2) KII Meter

Kinect 360, Kinect for Windows

Laser Grid Light


Mel Meter 8704R-REM-ATDD

Motion Detectors (using light or sound indicators)

(2) Night Vision CCD Camera/HD Monitor

Parabolic Microphone

ParaScope * Has not worked even once for me, yet I have witnessed someone elses work.



SB7 Spirit Box

Trifield Meter