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Audio Evidence

Over-the-ear or noise canceling style headphones, are recommended to hear these spirit box and other audio responses

10/3/2015 - One room School House, Wareham, Ma.

 'Can you try cris-crossing the rods again?' (Dowsing Rods) (.mp3)

Audio graph image

Captured on my voice recorder sitting next to my SB-7 Spirit Box

10/3/2015 - Fearing Tavern , Wareham Ma, rocking chair room.

'Have you deliberately chosen to remain here'? (.mp3)

Audio answer 'No!'

Captured on my voice recorder sitting next to my SB-7 Spirit Box

Houghton Mansion I asked the question in basement: Is there a little girl here? (.wav)
 Hougenot House in Martin Park - Male spirit responds to my question. (.wav)
Paine House Museum 8/5/17- Audio file only, from my digital voice recorder (.mp3) of interaction with Sarah's spirit and toy dog (Winston) ghost detector, KII meter and Walkie-Talkie.
We asked Sarah how old she was and she transmits on Walkie-Talkie 6 separate times. (.mp3) Spirit knocking for us on request 6 times for her age  (.mp3)
  Paine House re-visited 10/24/17 - I was asking if anyone is here? What do you think the male voice is saying in responce? (.mp3)
Black Swan Inn - We heard a squeak or squeal of some kind during a session. (.mp3)

Audio Graph
Maplehurst Inn - Room 10 (.mp3)
Slater Mill - SylvanisBrown house in basement - Long audio clip (mp3) Short audio clip (mp3)

Waterbury Home Investigation with TSPI (waterburyspiritradiosessionpart1.wav)