Video Evidence Clips

Copyright 2015-18

*Over-the-ear or noise canceling style headphones are recommended to hear these spirit box responses

11/2014 SK Pierce Mansion - Shooting anomoly starting near lamp to right of bed and hooking around to left then toward foot of bed. (.mpg)

2015 Houghton Mansion. - Shooting anomoly to right of ball, center frame or just dust?. Taken in basement. I was the only investigator in this location at the time of this video, and was not moving around. clip (.mp4)

8/1/2015 Sylvanis Brown House located on the grounds of Slater Mill - My Rempod, KII meter and Tim's Spirit Box Android tablet app. Clip 1 (.mp4) Clip 2 (.mp4)

9/18/2015 U.S.S. Salem docked in Quincy Mass. My Rempod and highschool student down hallway on right, sitting with dowsing rods, asking questions (.mp4)

5/13/2016 U.S.S. Salem in Quincy Mass. Not much KII meter activity in the welders shop until we asked spirit if it wanted us to leave (.mp4)

5/14/2016 Smith-Harris House, Niantic, Ct. - I ask the spirit in the attic 'did you call out my name'. (.mp4)

5/27/2016 One room school house in Martin Park, East Hartford CT. Assistant investigator Sydney detected some EMF readings near the door of a pot belly stove. There was not any power running in this structure. (.mp4)

                 Sydney also captured some EMF readings above teachers desk (.mp4) That is Mike in the background who appears to have 2 lights on his KII as well.

Basement in Huguenot House. According to the museum curator, 2 psychic mediums approached the anvil in basement and felt something scary enough to cause both of them to run out of the building. So I decided to place an empty water bottle on top of the anvil and asked a spirit to knock the bottle off. We can hear a response through the SB7 spirit box I had sitting on floor next to anvil. Note that no sounds or voices were coming through spirit box for a while, before I asked the question, and no further sounds or voices come through after the answer is heard. Do you know what the spirit is saying? *(.mp4) "Tap"!

I also asked why the spirit made the 2 psychics feel uncomfortable...I got an answer...What do you think the spirit is saying? *(.mp4) Spirits response repeat loop (.mp4) "For fun"!

6/4/2016 Matt, myself and 3 others in the basement of  the Tapply-Thompson Community Center, New Hampshire. I have never witnessed the flashlight responce in person, only on TV. My responce is a little embarassing. Here it is (.mp4). Matt asked if spirit died in past 30 years. (.mp4) I asked the spirit if it knew the meaning of  'go to the light' and we recieve and answer on my SB7 spirit box., as well as having the spirit light up a flashlight *(.mp4) Longer version of responses *(.mp4)
How many of us are here? *(.mp4)
KII hits in upstairs storage room. Video captured on GhostPro cam (.mp4)

7/30/2016 Murdock - Whitney House. While sitting in the dining room we were doing a flashlight session.  We could periodically smell a citris smell and cigarrette smoke. I asked the former owner of the home Bill, if he is the one smoking in the room. (.mp4) Nate asking spirit to turn off both flashlights (.mp4)
7/30/2016 Isaac Morse House, basement crawlspace flashlight session question 1 (.mp4) question 2 (.mp4) Are you a woman or girl? (.mp4) Does the river give you energy? (.mp4) Girl does not have anyone else to play with (.mp4) We determine that girl is 16 years old (.mp4)

8/2016 Valley Cemetery, Manchester New Hampshire. KII and MelMeter session beginning at entrance gate. (.mp4)

10/22/2016 (Disregard video time stamp. I forgot to reset date and time.)  S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion, basement session # 1. The KII meter started lighting up all the way to red beginning at the top of the basement stairs (.mp4)

04/28/17 Ventfort Hall paranormal session in the library, with dowsing rods, parascope device and flashlight. (.mp4)

8/5/2017 Paine House Museum, Conventry RI. We ask the spirit of a little girl named Sarah to pet the stuffed toy Beagle, which in reality has electronic sensors built in to it, to detect ghosts toughing it. My KII meter, sitting on floor to left of toy Beagle also lights up. I even asked Sarah to knock on something as well, and several faint and louder knocks can be heard. (.mp4) Second Floor with ghost detector Rupert toy dog (.mp4) Audio file only, from my digital voice recorder (.mp3) of interaction with Sarah's spirit and toy dog (Winston) ghost detector, KII meter and Walkie-Talkie. We asked Sarah how old she was and she transmits on Walkie-Talkie 6 separate times.

9/23/2017 Parsonfield Seminary, KII session in attic, (mp4)

10/2017 Paine House revisited (.mp4)

11/10/17 Middleboro Town Hall re-visited. KII session with Katie, on the stage in ballroom. (.mp4)

1/17/2018 Undisclosed location, room #18 and in hallway outside room #18. (.mp4)

2/3/2018 Black Swan Inn - What was that? (What was that?.mp4)